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December 2017

Fully Automated SEM Management

This is what you get with fully automated “AI” solutions in paid search: Bids set at over $900. While this is an extreme example, one of the recurring themes we find among accounts that are fully automated is that bids are often reduced continuously to the floor of $0.01, or excessively aggressive on low sample segments. Without any manual intervention in an account, opportunities will always be missed. Without a …Read More

A Look At “Keyword Targeting” Approaches in Google Shopping

Take a look at the screenshot below. This is the PLA campaign structure of a prospective client who currently works with one of the most well known eCommerce SEM agencies in the industry. An agency whom I consider to be one of very few companies that truly competes directly against us. We have dozens of clients who previously worked with this other agency. They have chosen to work with us …Read More