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Fully Automated SEM Management

This is what you get with fully automated “AI” solutions in paid search:

Bids set at over $900.

While this is an extreme example, one of the recurring themes we find among accounts that are fully automated is that bids are often reduced continuously to the floor of $0.01, or excessively aggressive on low sample segments. Without any manual intervention in an account, opportunities will always be missed. Without a frequent gap analysis, seasonal products or segments with a short selling season will never reach their potential. 

AI and automation have been used as effective selling tools in our industry. And they are effective of course, both from a sales and account optimization perspective. However, the technology deployed to manage an account is only as effective as the analysts who write the logic used for such a system. Automated systems lack the managerial experience of an analyst. Analysts lack the ability to scale their impact. When combined, you have the optimal mix. An over-reliance on either is the cause of missed opportunities or mismanagement.

I don’t believe paid search or PLA management can or should be fully automated. We utilize automation to improve our process and capabilities, but manual review is a regular component of proper account management. Hands-on management enhanced by automation is our mantra.

Have you worked with an automated SEM solution in the past? What were the benefits? What were the drawbacks?