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How NOT To Use New And Returning User Segments In Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows for the measurement of new and returning user segments. While this data is handy, it’s important to make sure that you and your team are using it correctly. We have found that a surprising number of businesses attempt to use these new and returning user segments as a proxy for measuring new and existing customer behavior – often in the absence of a proper marketing database. This …Read More

How to Use ‘utm_nooverride’ to Improve Non-Branded Paid Search Attribution in Google Analytics

If you agree that branded queries, similar to direct traffic, primarily occur as the result of a searcher learning of your brand through a previous marketing effort, communication, etc. then the default last non-direct attribution model within Google Analytics could make optimization of your non-branded channel a bit more complex. If branded search is truly the result of a previous marketing effort, such as a non-branded search campaign, then it’s …Read More