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Buyer Beware: More Than 50% of CSE Sales Attributable to Google Shopping

I want to address an issue that I don’t think gets enough, if any, exposure in this industry; Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs), and the dishonest practices which some CSEs employ. When I say CSE, I am not referring to Google Shopping, Bing Shopping or Yahoo Gemini Product Ads. We do not classify PLA networks such as Google Shopping, Bing Shopping or Yahoo Gemini Product Ads as CSEs, as there are …Read More

Why Retailers Absolutely Must Segment Product Listing Ads (PLAs) for Query Intent

(Otherwise Known as Using Keywords in Google & Bing Shopping) Through the course of testing many popular PLA strategies in the last few years, we have found that segmenting PLAs by the intent of the users’ search has yielded the most radical improvements in profit for our clients. In this post, I will explain exactly what “segmenting for query intent” means, how you can segment your PLA channel for query …Read More