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Data Feed Optimization (DFO)

Data Feed Optimization: Building a Better Product Feed

Every client’s product feed is subjected to a six-phase, 77-step data feed optimization process where feed attributes are reviewed and revised for optimal visibility and performance. This process begins with an evaluation of the quality and structure of the current product feed as produced by your ecommerce platform.

We often find room for improvement in the structure of the product feed, at which point we provide consultative services and guidance to internal IT and development teams in order to construct a higher quality root product feed. This collaboration results in a product feed designed to yield a competitive advantage across product listing ad (PLA), comparison shopping engine (CSE) and dynamic remarketing channels.

From there, we apply a combination of rule-based and manual revisions to the product feed in order to prepare a file that is designed for success once dispatched to all relevant engines. For optimal segmentation and measurement, SKUs are grouped together by parent id, product family, brand and product category. Finally, search query data is used to drive continuous testing and improvement to product titles and descriptions in order to maximize reach within search engines and CSEs.