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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Profit-Driven Paid Search Marketing

Our track record of outperforming competing agencies is attributable to three core competencies: the sophistication of the strategies we employ, the technology we leverage to drive results and the cutting-edge approach we take to measuring performance. We specialize in scaling profits from non-branded search marketing initiatives for retailers of all sizes.

Differentiating qualities of our paid search program include:

  • Drive Incremental Profit – We focus our efforts on driving channel growth through profitable non-branded keyword expansion, audience segmentation and bid optimization.
  • Understand Query Intent – By segmenting search campaigns by the intent of the shopper’s query, we’re able to improve the manner in which media spend is distributed, saturating demand on valuable queries and approaching less valuable queries with a more conservative bid strategy. We maintain control over distribution of budget across high-funnel, mid-funnel and low-funnel audience segments.
  • Product-Specific Campaigns – Target users searching for the exact products you sell. We can generate product-specific search campaigns from your product feed at scale.
  • Flexible KPIs – Whether your objective is to maximize profit, new customer acquisition or you have another marketing objective in mind, we can tailor our efforts to meet your goals. We customize our approach to real world business objectives.
  • SEO-Conscious Paid Search – Understand which SEM initiatives drive incremental sales and which simply cannibalize sales from organic search, increasing expenses and reducing overall profitability. Our paid search program focuses on bettering your business, not cannibalizing sales from organic search.
  • Profit & Loss Accountability – We take full responsibility for, and report on, the profit and loss of each channel we manage.