Meet an Omnitail Expert

Our Mission

Your goals are our goals – that’s why we make your success a compensation factor for every one of our employees.

Success through metrics like profit — not just revenue — equals greater accountability, integrity, and transparency: and that’s what Omnitail is all about.

Our Goals

At Omnitail, we focus on one thing  – driving maximum profit for our clients. Unlike other agencies, who rely on ROAS, A/S, and CPO/CPA, profit is our core KPI at Omnitail. It’s the only metric that accounts for both efficiency and sales volume – and includes important factors like cost of goods and variable overhead.

Our Strategy

At Omnitail, we take a new approach to Google Shopping management. Our three-part strategy includes product feed optimization, profit-driven bid management, and multi-touch attribution reporting, and offers more transparency and accountability than anyone in the business.

“Hands down, Omnitail was the best decision we made in 2018!”