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Our Mission

Omnitail, LLC is an online marketing agency dedicated to providing retail businesses with the highest quality of search engine marketing (SEM), online advertising, data feed optimization (DFO) and multi-channel analytics services available in the marketplace by measuring and optimizing all marketing efforts around powerful KPIs which are indicative of true business impact.

By offering adaptive marketing solutions focused on driving incremental profit, we have been able to deliver value where other agencies struggle; by accelerating the growth of customer acquisition through web channels while also providing the measurement, reporting and accountability which C-suite executives and business leaders desire.

We are wholly committed to raising the standard for agency accountability and performance in the online marketing industry. 

What We Do

Search Engine Marketing

Our track record of outperforming competing agencies is attributable to three core competencies; the sophistication of the strategies we employ, the technology we leverage to drive results and the cutting-edge approach we take to measuring performance.

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Advanced PLA Managment

Our unique approach to PLA management has enabled us to overcome the inherent flaws of PLA campaign structure, including the lack of control over query segmentation. By creating the technology required to segment PLAs by the intent of a shopper's query, we are able to distribute media spend much more effectively and efficiently. This has resulted in radical improvements in PLA profitability for our clients.

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Data Feed Optimization

Optimized data feeds are critical to success across PLAs, CSEs and dynamic remarketing campaigns. Our DFO strategy begins with constructing a better root product feed prior to implementing a combination of rule-based and manual revisions.

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Attribution, Measurement & Reporting

We strive to exceed all expectations for agency accountability and reporting. Every client is involved in the process of establishing the KPIs and attribution models used for measurement. We improve results further by integrating with your marketing database in order to better understand our impact on new-customer acquisition and long-term value.

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Success Stories

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    Really Good Stuff

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