Profit-Driven Product Feed Management

Shopping campaigns can’t reach their full profit potential without an optimized product feed. Our in-depth strategy covers all the bases, making sure you’re putting your best feed forward from A to Z.

The six stages of our product feed optimization are:

Audit Product Feed Data

1. Audit Data

We audit and revise every client’s feed to ensure maximum data quality.

Map Product Feed Fields

2. Map Fields

We match values from the root feed and resolve common errors.

Revise Product Feed Fields

3. Revise Fields

We apply manual revisions to correct missing or inaccurate data.

Sort Products in Feed

4. Sort Products

We determine logical product groupings in the feed.

Find Top Products

5. Find Top Products

We identify top products and segment from underperformers.

Sync Product Feed to Engines

6. Daily Sync

We sync feeds to the engines daily and build new campaigns/ad groups.


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Product Feed Optimization and Management Services

Omnitail analysts leverage comprehensive product feed optimization, premier Google Shopping management, profit-driven bidding, and dedicated account services.


Audit Existing Product Data

We believe you can’t build a solid product feed without solid data.  The platform doesn’t matter: we’ve worked with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and even homegrown point of sale systems. Every new client’s feed is audited according to a rigorous set of standards before being rebuilt, to ensure every attribute is measures up.

We can merge other relevant data sources in as well, including updated descriptions or alternate currency values.

Our sophisticated optimization process includes:

 Check for Required Fields

Data Quality Audit

Parent/Child SKU Creation

Gather Other Relevant Data Sources

Map Source Fields to Product Feed

Map Source Fields to New Feed

Once the data has been validated, we map the relevant source fields to fields in the new feed. This mapping is validated again to ensure the data ends up in the right place.







Revise Incorrect Product Feed Attributes

Revise Incorrect Attributes

After mapping the data, our analysts solve for missing or inaccurate data. We also fix any errors resulting from disallowed terms or special characters.

Invalid GTINS

Disallowed Words or Phrases

Special Characters

Incorrect or Missing Images

Categorize and Segment Products in Feed

Categorize and Segment Products

Our analysts carefully segment your products to allow ad spend to be directed where it matters most. A variety of product attributes might be included in this process, including seasonality or historical product performance. Margin is an important segmentation factor, as it helps effectively divert spend to products that drive the most revenue and profit.

These segments are unique to every client. We can design segments to offer reporting on important factors like brand or vendor.

Our product segmentation includes these product attributes:


Product Category



Identify Top Products in Feed

Identify Product Performance

An important aspect of segmentation is product performance. We use Google Analytics or other ecommerce tracking software to identify top performers and segment them away from underperformers.

This prevents the underperforming products from negatively impacting top performers. This also allows us to assign appropriate bids to products based on performance, so the majority of spend can be directed to products that will grow revenue and sales and increase profit.

Sync Product Feed to Engines

Sync to Engines Daily

Optimized feeds won’t do any good if they aren’t routinely synced to the relevant engines. We sync all of our feeds at least daily, to ensure the information present in Google Merchant Center is as up-to-date as possible. This process also ensures any needed campaigns or ad groups are promptly built, so products can serve as quickly as possible.

We don’t just set it and forget it. Our analysts run regular checks on the feed, to ensure any errors or disapprovals are found and fixed before they can become major problems! We also perform title optimization analysis and other reviews on a regular basis, and use those insights to continually improve the quality of the feed.

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