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Not all businesses are alike, and marketing isn’t one size fits all.

At Omnitail, we believe in tailoring the marketing strategy to fit each client’s needs – especially for our enterprise customers, who have a different set of business goals and requirements than small or mid-size businesses.

Our unique approach is proven to grow revenue, increase profit, and provide more accountability and transparency than any other agency.

Better Data

Seamless and secure product feed integration, management, and maintenance.

Bold Campaigns

Highly-targeted Google Shopping, paid search, and local inventory ads at scale.

Robust Analysis

Custom reporting integration across several platforms, including CLTV analyses.

Established Trust

In-depth knowledge and expertise your team can rely on.


Products Optimized


Client Renewal Rate


Google-Certified Team


Global Clients

Enterprise Marketing Services

Omnitail analysts leverage comprehensive and secure product feed optimization, premier campaign management, robust KPI reporting and analyses, and dedicated account services.


All-Inclusive Product Feed Optimization

Product feed optimization is the foundation of profitable advertising.  Your platform doesn’t matter: we’ve worked with Magento, NetSuite, and even homegrown point of sale systems. In every case, we leverage a secure process for data transfer and data capture.

Every new client’s feed is audited according to a rigorous set of standards, and is often rebuilt from the ground up to maximize data quality. Enterprise clients are no exception. Our tools are designed to scale efficiently, so regardless of the size of your product feed, your campaigns begin with the best possible data.

Our sophisticated six-phase process includes:

Audit of existing feed

Elimination of common errors

Inclusion of missing data

Extensive product segmentation

SKU-level metrics like cost of goods

Daily secure feed sync and error monitoring


Expert Google Shopping and Paid Search Management

Our industry-leading Google Shopping approach is proven to grow revenue and increase profit. Our analysts begin by carefully segmenting your search terms into 3 categories: generic, qualified, and item-specific terms.

Other agencies bid the same amount for every term, creating a lot of wasted ad spend! Our approach lowers bids on non-converting terms and bid more aggressively on on terms that do convert — maximizing impressions and ensuring the right searchers see your products.

We also leverage expert paid search and display strategy, using your product data to create effective, high-converting search ads. Our display ads utilize website user information you’re already gathering, to target new customers at exactly the right stage in the purchase process.

For advertisers with brick-and-mortar locations, we manage local inventory ads with full support, including product feed optimization and management!

Our campaign services include:

Ngram Analysis

Three-Tiered Campaign Structure

Robust Negative Keyword Lists

Dayparting, Device Modifiers, and More

Local Inventory Ads

Custom Remarketing Audiences


Detailed Reporting and Account Insights

We understand Google Analytics doesn’t work for every business. Our analysts can integrate a number of different platforms (including Adobe Analytics) with our performance reports for a seamless understanding of the impact our campaigns have on your business. We can also warehouse real-time data, and apply it to our bidding algorithms and analyses, so every management decision is made with current data.

We don’t stop at our standard reporting, either. Omnitail’s custom analyses help you understand the value of a customer to your business, and identify key growth opportunities. RFM scoring can improve audience segmentation, or use database insights to reactivate past buyers, focus on big spenders or reduce unnecessary spend to loyal customers. We can even offer analysis to help you measure the effectiveness of your current loyalty programs.

Extensive KPI Reporting

Custom Integration with Existing Analytics Engine

Real-time Data Incorporation

RFM Scoring & Analysis

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) Reporting

Loyalty Program Assessments

Omnitail Dedicated Analyst

Dedicated Analyst Team

At Omnitail, your account will never be managed by an automated system.  Each enterprise account has a dedicated team of analysts with a limited number of accounts, so there’s time to put in real work that drives measurable results. Every account receives regular reporting in biweekly or weekly calls, and we pride ourselves on being responsive to any and all questions and concerns. No impersonal “support” lines required!

If a PPC team is already in place, our analysts work closely with them to add value to the program using our in-house technology and expertise. We can consult on campaign building, negative keyword optimization, reporting, and more.

Our standard services include:

Monthly Performance Catch-ups

A Dedicated Account Representative

Campaign Build Consulting

Bulk Negative Keyword Optimization

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