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 We’re proud to be approved Google, Bing, and Amazon developers, using API integrations to engineer complex in-house tools that meet the needs of our analysts and our clients. Our analysts also leverage third-party software where necessary, to meet the unique business needs of some clients. Most importantly, we understand that sophisticated tools alone aren’t enough. That’s why we pair technology with human expertise.


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Using Technology the
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We employ our tools to help manage campaigns – but they can never replace the knowledge and expertise of a human analyst.

As a client at Omnitail, your account will never be managed by a machine. We only employ automation to tackle the most manual and tedious account management tasks, giving our analysts time to perform in-depth analyses and strategize one-on-one with our clients.

In-House Tools

As our process and strategy evolves, we continue to identify opportunities to leverage technology to improve the efficiency of our process and the value we provide to our clients. When we identify gaps in the marketplace where no tool exists that meets our needs, we build it ourselves. 

While we do consider our homegrown tools to be proprietary, we always fully disclose the formulas and statistical models used in our data cleansing and bid optimization processes to our clients in order for both parties to have a full and clear mutual understanding of the systems at work, and how they will benefit the client. We do not offer ‘black box’ solutions. Some of our tools include the campaign build tool, bid adjustment tool, and ngram analysis tool. 

Campaign Build Tool

 This tool creates a complete, intelligent Google Shopping structure based on product feed attributes like category, price tier, or product margin. As new products enter the feed, they are automatically built out in their assigned campaigns – meaning our program is always up-to-date with the latest information. As product margins change, SKUs are automatically regrouped within the account structure.

Bid Adjustment Tool

Product group bids are evaluated and adjusted at scale with intelligently designed sanity tests in place. Factors like seasonality, pricing, and total number of conversions are all included in the bid adjustment process. Although this tool is powerful – every adjustment is overseen by a human account analyst.

Ngram Analysis Tool

We analyze your historical search terms to discover which words and phrases are the most valuable to your business. These n-grams can then be used as part of our query segmentation process, to help drive spend to the search terms that matter the most. 



Third-Party Integration

We routinely utilize best-in-class technology to overcome challenges in order to meet our client’s objectives. This often means partnering with third-party solutions who are either already part of a client’s advertising ecosystem, or who we believe will be beneficial to account performance. These integrations span the spectrum of technology, from analytics offerings to product feed management.


Call Rail (and other 3rd party tracking) 

Adobe Analytics 

Any other third-party software that benefits a client’s campaigns


Developer Certifications

Our software team consists of approved API developers across a number of platforms. We have built a suite of in-house tools designed to automate every tedious, manual process related to PLA management.

Our developer certifications include:

Google Ads API Developer

Amazon API Developer

Bing API Developer


Marriage Between Humanity and Technology

At Omnitail, we do rely on automation, but with human checks-and-balances in place to ensure these tools perform consistently. We employ a robust set of proprietary account management tools which give us the flexibility to hand off routine tasks like basic campaign construction. This allows us to focus on making other improvements that produce significantly more profit for our clients. Coupled with this, any automated updates are always vetted by a human analyst. This ensures any changes will have the desired effect on the account.

Our promise: We promise, your account will never be solely automated. An analyst will always plan your strategy, make timely adjustments, and be available to you to discuss changes that will make a real impact on your account. 

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