Our Technology

Complex search marketing accounts require the proper toolset in order to be managed effectively.

As our process and strategy evolves, we continue to identify opportunities to leverage technology to improve the efficiency of our process and the value we provide to our clients. When we identify gaps in the marketplace where no tool exists that meets our needs, we build it ourselves.

If there is a third party who offers technology we believe would be beneficial for our clients, we partner with them. We routinely utilize best-in-class technology to overcome challenges in order to meet our client’s objectives.

While we do consider our homegrown tools to be proprietary, we always fully disclose the formulas and statistical models used in our data cleansing and bid optimization processes to our clients in order for both parties to have a full and clear mutual understanding of the systems at work, and how they will benefit the client. We do not offer ‘black box’ solutions.

We currently integrate with the following APIs