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Omnitail is a digital marketing agency that specializes in working with e-commerce clients of any size. We are proud to provide our clients with honest, in-depth analysis and industry-leading strategies across multiple platforms using a profit-driven approach. Our mission, technology, team, and strategy are what set us apart: 

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The Power of Profit-Driven Management

We’re Omnitail: The Profit-Driven Digital Marketing Agency. But what does “profit-driven” really mean? It means we do digital marketing differently. Most agencies rely on KPIs like ROAS, A/S, and CPO/CPA — but those metrics provide an incomplete picture of account performance.

That’s why we manage our accounts to a different metric: operating profit.

Profit is the only metric that accounts for both efficiency and sales volume—so you understand the full potential of your PPC spend. And it’s the only metric that supports the transparent, accountable approach we take to every single client’s campaigns. Learn more about the power of profit: 

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