Advanced Google Shopping Management

Our approach to Google Shopping management has driven incredible increases in profitability for our clients across Google Shopping and Bing Shopping channels. We credit our success to three components of our methodology: our process, our strategy and our technology. These encompass:

  • Profit-Driven Bid Management
  • Product Feed Optimization
  • Extensive Segmentation by Query
  • Dayparting, RLSA, Device Optimization
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Profit-Driven PLA Management

Advertisers who do not measure profit directly cannot possibly optimize for or maximize it. We customize our bidding
strategies for each client with the objective of maximizing profit. Our flexible bidding strategies account for:

  • Costs of Goods Sold (COGS)
  • Variable Overhead Costs (VOH)
  • Merchandise Return Rate (MRR)
  • Inventory Cycle Planning (reducing margin tolerance on excess inventory)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)
  • Offline Sales (Call tracking)
  • Other business assumptions such as leads or chats where pertinent.

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Agency Secrets to Google Shopping Management

Radically Increase Google Shopping Profits

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  • The Consumer Decision Process and How it Applies to Google Shopping
  • Our Method vs. Traditional Strategies
  • Real Examples and Data
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Revenue Share By Query Type

The Only Automated Negative Keyword Platform In The Industry

Segment for Query Intent

Google Shopping is traditionally a keywordless channel that forces advertisers to apply the same bid and budget to all search terms that trigger their products to serve. We are the only agency in the marketplace with an automated query cleansing software, enabling our clients to achieve the scale of negative keywords needed to effectively segment and bid appropriately on all high value, moderate value and low value queries.


Industry-Leading PLA Management Driven by Segmentation of Query Intent

Our industry-leading approach to PLA management has driven remarkable increases in profitability for our clients across Google Shopping, Bing Shopping and Yahoo Gemini Product Ad channels. We credit our success to three components of our methodology: our process, our strategy and our technology.

Our Process

Every client’s product feed is subjected to a 77-step data feed optimization process where feed attributes are reviewed and revised for optimal performance. In additional to external revisions, we typically work closely with in-house IT and development teams in order to tackle the challenge of constructing a higher quality product feed from the ground-up.

Our Strategy

Next, we evaluate the past 12 months of program performance to identify top selling SKUs and break them out within the account structure while creating thoughtful groupings of SKUs for those products that have not sold frequently in the past. Search terms from the prior year are automatically cleansed (with human review) to serve as a foundation for negative keyword optimization. Product bids are then matched to the existing account structure to minimize volatility at launch.

Our Technology

We are proud to be an approved AdWords & Bing API developer with a suite of in-house tools designed to automate every arduous process related to PLA management. As new products enter the product feed they are automatically built out in their assigned campaigns. As product margins change, SKUs are automatically regrouped within the account structure. Product group bids are evaluated and adjusted at scale with intelligently designed sanity tests in place.

Attribution, Measurement & Reporting

Omnitail is a mission-driven organization, not only dedicated to providing exceptional quality and sophisticated analysis and reporting, but also to raising the industry benchmark for agency accountability. We aim to exceed performance expectations by taking a highly segmented approach to measurement.

We believe in the expression “averages are lies.” Therefore we constantly monitor and report on performance in isolated components, beginning with the segmentation of branded and non-branded channel performance. Our measurement and reporting capabilities meet the needs of the most sophisticated analysts, managers and executives in the industry. Many benefits come with being an Omnitail client, including:

Multi-attribution reporting

We work with you to establish a minimum of two attribution models to be used for reporting: one used to assign credit, and the other to inform decision making.

SEO/SEM overlap analysis

We segment search engine marketing (SEM) initiatives that drive incremental sales from those that cannibalize sales from organic search.

Budgeting and forecasting

We work with internal stakeholders to provide accurate budgets and forecasts of future channel performance.

Customizable, detailed reporting and dashboards

We tailor our reporting to meet your business objectives and to resonate with their audience. Analysts, managers and executives have different expectations for reporting, so we work to produce reporting that meets the needs of all stakeholders.

Business Intelligence

By integrating with your marketing database, we combine web analytics data with customer data in order to gain a better understanding of the true business impact of marketing initiatives.

Vendor analysis

We help you understand which vendors tend to cannibalize sales and which deserve additional credit.


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