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Omnitail takes a new approach to Google Shopping management. Our sophisticated strategy drives incredible improvements in the profitability and efficiency of our clients’ accounts – and we provide more transparency and accountability to our clients than anyone else in the business.

The four pillars of our Google Shopping management are:

Improved Data

We maintain and monitor all of our clients’ product feeds for maximum data quality.

Bold Campaigns

Our three-tier Google Shopping structure drives spend where it matters most.

Increased Profit

Our flexible bidding strategies account for cost-of-goods, variable overhead and more.

Established Trust

We believe digital marketing agencies should be held to a higher standard.


Products Optimized


Client Renewal Rate


Google-Certified Team


Global Clients

Google Shopping Agency Services

Omnitail analysts leverage comprehensive product feed optimization, premier Google Shopping management, profit-driven bidding, and dedicated account services.


Product Feed Optimization

Product feed optimization is the foundation of profitable advertising.  The platform doesn’t matter: we’ve worked with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and even homegrown point of sale systems. Every new client’s feed is audited according to a rigorous set of standards, and is often rebuilt from the ground up to maximize data quality.

Our sophisticated six-phase process includes:

Audit of existing feed

Elimination of common errors

Inclusion of missing data

Extensive product segmentation

Custom metrics like cost of goods

Regular feed monitoring


Google Shopping Management

Our analysts begin by carefully segmenting your search terms into 3 categories: generic, qualified, and item-specific terms. Other agencies bid the same amount for every term, creating a lot of wasted ad spend! Our approach lowers bids on non-converting terms and bid more aggressively on on terms that do convert — maximizing impressions and ensuring the right searchers see your products.

Our Google Shopping agency services include:

Ngram Analysis

Three-Tiered Campaign Structure

Robust Negative Keyword Lists

Dayparting, Device Modifiers, and More.


Profit-Driven Bidding Strategy

We manage our accounts to a different metric: operating profit. Profit is the only metric that accounts for both efficiency and sales volume—so you understand the full potential of your PPC spend. Unlike ROAS, profit takes into account important business metrics like cost of goods, variable overhead, merchandise return rate, or more. This approach also allows us to adjust to factors such as seasonality.

We can account for the following metrics in your bidding:


Royalties and Licensing Costs

Merchandise Return Rate

Shipping and Other Variable Overhead

Omnitail Dedicated Analyst

Dedicated Analysts

At Omnitail, your account will never be managed by an automated system.  Each account has a dedicated analyst with a limited number of accounts, so there’s time to put in real work that drives measurable results. Every account receives regular reporting, and we pride ourselves on being responsive to any and all questions and concerns. No impersonal “support” lines required!

Our standard services include:

Monthly Performance Catch-ups

A Dedicated Account Representative

Custom Analyses

Multi-Attribution Reporting

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