Profit-Driven SEM Campaign Management

Omnitail doesn’t simply build campaigns. We tailor our strategy to drive radical increases in the profitability and efficiency of your business. We’re not just an agency – we’re partners in growth, and we pride ourselves on providing accountability and transparency every step of the way.

The four pillars of our paid search and display strategy are:

Better Keywords, Better Campaigns

We leverage sophisticated keyword analysis to build better, bolder search campaigns.

Highly-Targeted Display Ads

We create highly-segmented display audiences to target your customers based on your website traffic.

Increased Sales and Profit

Ad rank and ROAS aren’t the full story – that’s why we manage every account to maximize profit.

A Team You Can Trust

We believe in transparency, accountability, and integrity in every aspect of account management.


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Paid Search and Display Management

Omnitail analysts leverage unique SEM strategies, industry-leading ads technology, profit-driven bidding, and trustworthy account services.


Paid Search Strategy

We do paid search differently. Most agencies and in-house teams target ROAS or a top-ranking ad position – but that’s not really what drives success. We apply rigorous keyword analysis, continuous A/B testing, and sophisticated dayparting, RLSA, and device strategies to grow profit for our clients.

Our paid search management includes:

Data-driven Split Testing

Extensive Daypart Analyses

 Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

In-depth Device Modifiers

Product-Specific Campaigns

Dynamic Search Ads


Remarketing Done Right

At Omnitail, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to display and remarketing. We build highly-targeted audiences based on your customers and website traffic – not a mysterious demographic segment. Our analysts apply expert knowledge of the purchase funnel and customer intent, to ensure your spend is directed to ads that appear in front of people who are ready to convert.

These are the strategies that move the needle for our clients:

Highly-Targeted Audiences

Segmentation by Purchase Intent

 Dynamic Display Ads

Multi-Platform Management

Whiteboard with Profit Graph

Profit-Driven Bidding Strategy

We don’t manage accounts to meet ROAS targets, impression goals, or ad rank. Our analysts first focus on maximizing profit for each and every one of our clients – and the rest falls into place.

Profitable keywords and phrases from other channels (including Google Shopping) are collected, analyzed, and included in our search campaigns. Display bids are regularly updated to ensure we’re driving profit everywhere we can. We can work with clients to develop cost assumptions for search and display campaigns as well, to show the full impact of search and display on business goals.

Hallmarks of our profit-driven bidding include:

Cost Analysis

Cross-Channel Insights

Multi-Attribution Reporting

Flexible KPIs

Omnitail Dedicated Analyst

Analysts You Can Trust

At Omnitail, your campaigns are not managed by automation.  Each account has a dedicated analyst with a limited number of accounts, so there’s time to put in real work that drives measurable results. Every account receives regular reporting, and we pride ourselves on being responsive to any and all questions and concerns. No impersonal “support” lines required!

Our standard services include:

Monthly Performance Catch-ups

A Dedicated Representative

Custom Analyses

Multi-Attribution Reporting

Omnitail’s Search and Display Strategy
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