Driving Profit and Ensuring Transparency

Our industry-leading strategies not only drive profit for our clients but uphold our dedication to being a transparent agency. We are held to a higher standard of accountability because giving our clients the full picture of their account performance is ingrained in all of our processes.


Multi-Touch Attribution

3-Tier Query Segmentation

Product Feed Optimization


Profit-Driven Management

We’re Omnitail, The Profit-Driven Online Marketing Agency. But what exactly does “profit-driven” mean? It means we adjust your ad spend to the exact optimal level for your business. We will never cap your budget or push you to spend more than necessary. We don’t earn a percentage of ad spend – so we’ll never push you to spend more unless it means more money for your business.

As a result, we’re more transparent and accountable than any agency in the industry. It’s all about growth – and driving the profit that will grow your business.

Explore the power of profit more in-depth below:

Contribution Margin

Profit Quick-Start

Breaking Up

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Multi-Touch Attribution

At Omnitail, we always use two different attribution models to measure your success: a more generous model and a less generous model. While some agencies pick the attribution model that looks best for them, we give you the full picture of account performance.

With two unique attribution models, you’ll have more data for better decision-making, too. Using multiple attribution models, you will learn which channels are the true powerhouses of your advertising arsenal. Then, you can direct spend to those channels and similar channels – and cut spend from the less-productive touchpoints.

Facebook vs. Google
Analytics Attribution

Amazon Attribution

In-Depth Guide to
Attribution Models

Three-Tier Query Segmentation

Not all queries are created equal. Certain queries indicate a higher likelihood of purchase, while other queries show that your customer is still shopping around. We segment your queries according to their value into three categories: generic, qualified, and item-specific. In general, long-tail queries show a higher intent to purchase and warrant a higher bid.

Using three-tier query segmentation, you’ll guarantee your ad spend goes to your most valuable terms. You’ll also cut back on wasted ad spend to lower-value keywords.

Benefits of a
Funnel System

Segmenting Using
Negative Keywords

In-Depth Query
Segmentation Guide

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Product Feed Optimization

Many agencies skip product feed optimization, but it is an integral first step in our account management. We start by auditing your product feed because it lays a solid foundation for a healthy account. Without this initial audit, unnecessary errors persist and cause long lasting damage to the account. 

Hands-On Management

Omnitail is not a software. While we have developed sophisticated in-house technology to do the heavy lifting, these processes are always overseen by an actual analyst. Our clients are assigned a dedicated analyst who applies their expertise to solve every accounts unique challenges.

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