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We do things differently at Omnitail - and we want to share those strategies with you! Read on to see how we apply an industry-leading approach to digital marketing.

Quick Start Guides

Omnitail's Strategy

Omnitail Guide to Metrics: Average Order Value

How Sales Are Attributed Across Platforms

Amazon Campaign Types: A Visual Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

Should You Use Automation to Manage Black Friday Ads?

The Omnitail Difference: See What Sets Us Apart

Maximize Google Shopping Success with Profit

Trust the Google Shopping Experts at Omnitail

Maximize Profit with Amazon Advertising

Case Studies

Our Strategy In Action

ROAS to New Customer Contribution Margin with

Its Hot Grows Profit With Omnitail [Case Study]

Farris MD Grows Leads With Omnitail [Case Study]

Omnitail Tackles Extreme Seasonality

Athletic Nutrition Retailer Goes Global With Omnitail

Omnitail Cuts Spend & Grows Profit for

Major Office Supplies Retailer Grows PLA Revenue 200%

Profit Grows 63x for Tennis Express [Case Study]

E-Commerce Site Triples Amazon Profits [Case Study]

How This Fortune 500 Company Doubled Revenue

Advanced Guides

Apply Our Strategy

Why You Should Segment Out Top Sellers in Google Shopping

How to Choose a Trustworthy Marketing Agency

Third-Party Call Tracking and Profitable PPC Campaigns

Discovering A New Amazon Campaign Structure

Using Multi-Touch Attribution to Measure Sales

How to Improve Product Titles: Tips for a Better Feed

Amazon Product Pricing: The Secret to Winning the Buy Box

Target Contribution Margin: The Key To Maximizing Profit

Forecast Sales & Spend with a Square Root Model

Revenue Per Click: Tracking a Key Performance Metric

How To Calculate Your Cost of Goods and Maximize Profit

Webinar: Fix Your Shopping Feed to Increase Profit

How to Optimize Your Non-Branded Search Campaigns

How to Calculate Marginal ROI for Google Shopping Ads

Profit vs ROAS: Choosing the Right KPI

Automation and Google Ads: Can You Trust the Machines?

Remarketing with Google Ads: An Advanced Practitioner’s Guide

Metrics Don’t Lie: An In-depth Guide to Attribution Models

Increase Google Shopping Profits with Keyword Segmentation

N-grams: Effective Keyword Targeting in Google Shopping

Amazon Attribution: Working Around Reporting Limitations