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We do things differently at Omnitail - and we want to share those strategies with you! Read on to see how we apply an industry-leading approach to digital marketing.

Quick Start Guides

Omnitail's Strategy

PPC Automation: Is It Worthwhile? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Can't decide whether to automate your PPC campaigns or manage them yourself? There's a lot to consider, from the level of control you want over your campaigns to the time you're willing to spend. Read on to learn more!

How to Build Profitable Remarketing Campaigns [Infographic]

91% of marketers say remarketing campaigns do as well or better than other campaigns. See how remarketing can drive value for your business!

Campaign Attribution: How Sales Are Attributed Across Platforms

You know at least some of your campaigns are successful, but which ones – and which products are they influencing? Are they creating maximum profit? Find out with this visual guide to campaign attribution across four major marketing channels!

Amazon Campaign Types: A Visual Guide

Advertising on Amazon is rapidly expanding too, as third party-sellers vie for available ad space and competition heats up. This makes a smart Amazon Advertising strategy a fundamental need for retailers who seek a profitable Amazon experience.

Should You Use Automation to Manage Black Friday Ads?

The holiday season makes up a big percentage of yearly sales for many retailers - with a very limited timeframe to capture customers and a lot of competition in the PPC space. Who's managing the biggest sales season of the year for you?

The Omnitail Difference: See What Sets Us Apart

Success through metrics like profit — not just revenue — equals greater accountability, integrity, and transparency: and that’s what Omnitail is all about. Learn why we're Omnitail: The Profit-Driven Marketing agency! 

Maximize Google Shopping Success with Profit

At Omnitail, we do online marketing differently. Most agencies rely on KPIs like ROAS, A/S, or CPO/CPA — but those metrics don’t tell the whole story. That’s why we manage accounts to a different metric: operating profit.

Trust the Google Shopping Experts at Omnitail

At Omnitail, we took a new approach to Google Shopping management. We dramatically improve the profitability of our clients’ accounts and provide more transparency and accountability to our clients than anyone else in the business.

Maximize Profit with Amazon Advertising

As your company grows, managing Amazon campaigns become more time-consuming, leading to broad targeting without insights on the product level—or worse, wasted ad spend. That’s why Omnitail streamlined the Amazon Advertising process.

Case Studies

Our Strategy In Action

Its Hot Grows Profit With Omnitail

Prior to working with Omnitail, It's Hot struggled to correctly track sales and drive profit through Google Shopping and paid search ads. They came to Omnitail to develop a more accurate and profitable process for tracking revenue and managing their advertising.

Farris MD Grows Leads With Omnitail

Farris MD is a cosmetic plastic surgery practice located in Dallas, Texas. When they reached out to Omnitail, they were already a successful practice in the area, but wanted to see how paid search ads could improve their program and help with lead generation.

Omnitail Tackles Positive Promotions’ Extreme Seasonality

Positive Promotions is an online retailer of custom gifts and apparel that sells bulk items related to niche holidays. With such extreme seasonality and thousands of custom products to advertise, they came to Omnitail to help optimize their paid search program and Google Shopping ads.

Athletic Nutrition Retailer Goes Global With Omnitail

Our client is a leading e-commerce retailer of active nutrition and healthy snacks. Although they were selling very well in America, our client wanted to expand their Google Shopping product ads to athletes around the world. With Omnitail’s help, our client planned a push to the international market.

Omnitail Cuts Spend and Drives Profit for is an online retailer of lacrosse gear. Before coming to Omnitail, their previous agency was pushing spend higher and higher for PLAs, Display, and Paid Search ads. But was the extra spend driving justifiable revenue, or simply increasing the agency's fees?

Major Office Supplies Retailer Grows PLA Revenue 200%

Our client, an enterprise-class office supplies retailer, was not satisfied with their Google Shopping management agency. Revenues were declining and spend was increasing, and the ads were operating at a loss. They chose Omnitail to rebuild and manage the program.

Profit Grows 63x for Tennis Express

lthough Tennis Express had success running Google Shopping ads with revenue that had doubled year over year, growth in media expense had outpaced the growth in revenue. They contacted Omnitail for a free analysis of their PLA channel.

E-Commerce Site Triples Amazon Profits

A family-owned online-retailer with a thriving e-commerce site came to Omnitail to improve overall performance and maximize visibility by advertising all relevant products on Amazon.
Read the story of's Amazon ads success!

Fortune 500 Company Doubles Revenue with Omnitail

With untapped potential in Google Shopping ads, but no way to take advantage of it, an enterprise-class supplier of industrial gases reached out to Omnitail to manage their account. See how we implemented our Google Shopping strategy on an enterprise-level!

Advanced Guides

Apply Our Strategy

How to Improve Product Titles: Tips for a Better Shopping Feed

Behind every great PLA campaign is a good product feed. Discover a way to build better, more clickable product titles - by incorporating search terms and phrases your customers are already using!

Amazon Product Pricing: The Secret to the Buy Box

Amazon sellers know the Buy Box is important - but did you know more than 80% of sales on Amazon happen through the Buy Box? At more than $46 billion in sales last quarter, that's a lot of revenue!

Target Contribution Margin: The Key To Maximizing Profit

How much money have your ads made for you lately? Could you be making more? In this whitepaper, you'll see why an ideal target contribution margin helps you maximize profit - and learn how to choose one that's right for you!

Forecasting Paid Search Sales & Spend with a Square Root Model

Are you spending the right amount on ads? Discover the impact of additional ad spend on your campaigns - all with your existing sales and revenue data. Read on to see how a square root model of diminishing returns creates a more accurate forecast!

Revenue Per Click: Tracking a Key Performance Metric

Creating profit in marketing campaigns means understanding a variety of metrics. There are the basics, of course, like sales, revenue, and cost-of-goods. But there are other metrics that offer a wealth of insight into your campaigns. That includes revenue per click.

How To Calculate Cost of Goods and Maximize Profit

Cost of goods and variable overhead make or break your profit, so it's crucial to know what percentage of your revenue they account for. Once you have an understanding of these metrics, you can begin to optimize your SEM campaigns, drive revenue, and grow profit!

Webinar: Product Feed Fixes For Increased Profit

The best foundation for a profitable Google Shopping strategy is a solid product feed - but so many retailers simply fail to make the most of it. Furthermore, their Google Shopping structure is far too broad, and doesn't allow spend to be redirected to profitable products.

How to Optimize Your Non-Branded Search Campaigns

We take a look at how sales and revenue originating from non-branded queries can end up attributed to branded campaigns - creating some very misleading metrics. Read the whitepaper to learn a simple solution to put your metrics back on track!

Calculating Marginal ROI for Google Shopping Ads

At Omnitail, we use a marginal ROI analysis to optimize performance in our clients' Google Shopping accounts. In this whitepaper, we'll walk you through the building blocks to our PLA strategy, and show you how we apply this to forecast and drive profit for our clients.

Profit vs ROAS: Choosing the Right KPI

If you're relying on ROAS to maximize your ads' potential, you're leaving money on the table. Traditional KPIs like ROAS don’t give you the full picture of your business performance, which can lead to misdirected spend. That’s why at Omnitail, we use profit as our core KPI.

Automation and Google Ads: Can You Trust the Machines?

Automation can be useful for some advertisers, but there are some important factors to consider. Which method of automation best aligns with your business goals? Is it ever okay to let automation run freely without being monitored?

Remarketing with Google Ads: An Advanced Practitioner’s Guide

In this e-book, we will take a look at site tracking and its role in creating effective remarketing audiences.  We'll also explore audience segmentation, and cover additional considerations such as seasonality and long sales cycles.

Metrics Don’t Lie: An In-depth Guide to Attribution Models

How are you tracking sales and revenue? Do you know which campaigns and ad groups are driving sales? No matter where you're advertising, you need to understand how to measure success. Read our e-book to become an attribution expert!

How to Radically Increase Google Shopping Profits with Keyword Segmentation

While the majority of retailers (and agencies!) optimize Google Shopping ads solely according to product group performance, we segment queries by intent for more precise control over ad spend. . Read on to learn the secret to Google Shopping success!

N-grams: The Path to Effective Keyword Targeting in Google Shopping

As search marketers, we know the value of search queries varies drastically from query to query. In this whitepaper, we cover an effective method for query segmentation across PLA channels using n-grams and negative keywords. Learn how Omnitail has perfected the power of keyword targeting!

Amazon Attribution: Working Around Reporting Limitations in Advertising

Even experienced ecommerce advertisers can have trouble with Amazon attribution. We've compiled a few simple ways to ensure you're correctly interpreting your sales and revenue data. Read our whitepaper to uncover detailed insights on Amazon campaign attribution!