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Our Amazon Strategy

Profit-Driven Amazon Advertising Management

Using a profit-driven approach to bid management that accounts for cost of goods sold as well as the additional expenses that come with being an Amazon seller (including commission), we are able to calculate available margin on a per-item basis.

Once we know how much margin is available for each item, we can adjust and track bids to see how much spending makes sense for each product. We also track down products that are not being advertised but are likely to be profitable— offering maximum visibility for your business on Amazon.

Single-Product Ad Group Structure

Using a single ad group campaign structure, there is no way to separate profitable items from unprofitable items. Since everything is being bid upon using the same strategy, unsuccessful products eventually cannibalize spend from better-performing products.

Omnitail segments products into individual ad groups to prevent stolen spend. Using our in-house tools, we are able to add thousands of products at once and segment those products to track performance. Using this method, we ensure accurate and effective bid adjustments based on real product performance.

“Hands down, Omnitail was the best decision we made in 2018!”