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Omnitail has streamlined the Amazon Advertising process. Our sophisticated strategy drives incredible improvements in the profitability and efficiency of our clients’ accounts – and we provide more transparency and accountability to our clients than anyone else in the business.


The five pillars of our Amazon Advertising management are:

Time-Saving Tech

We upload hundreds of products in a fraction of the time with our in-house tools.

Bold Campaigns

Drive spend where it matters most with sophisticated Amazon Advertising strategy.

Actionable Data

Take valuable insights from Amazon and apply them to SEM and PLA channels.

Dedicated Analysts

Each account is run by a dedicated analyst, not an automated system.

“What’s most refreshing is the way they present results to us.

Complete transparency, no smoke and mirrors. “

– Headlights Depot

Amazon Advertising Agency Services

Omnitail analysts leverage comprehensive product feed Omnitail analysts leverage industry leading technology, premier Amazon Advertising management, profit-driven bidding, cross-channel insights, and dedicated account services.

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Profit-Driven Bidding Strategy

We manage our clients’ Amazon advertising to a different metric: operating profit. Profit is the only metric that accounts for both efficiency and sales volume—giving advertisers a full understanding of the impact of Amazon spend. Unlike ACoS, profit takes into account important business metrics like cost of goods, variable overhead, merchandise return rate, or more. This approach also allows us to adjust to factors such as seasonality.

We can account for the following metrics in Amazon bidding:



Amazon Commission 

Merchandise Return Rate


Shipping and Other Variable Overhead

Sophisticated Amazon Advertising Tools

Industry Leading Technology

Omnitail analysts can add thousands of products to Amazon campaigns in minutes, maximizing our clients’ potential revenue and allowing more time for in-depth account analysis. 

Using our in-house tools, we give each product its own ad group for more accurate performance tracking. With a single campaign structure, there is no way to separate impact of profitable items from that of unprofitable items. With individual ad  groups, we know exactly what’s working, and where we should increase our advertising investment.

After product segmentation, we apply our targeted keyword strategy. We build a complex structure of exact match keywords that are segmented out from phrase match. This strategy allows us to direct spend to hard-hitting keywords while limiting wasted spend.

After initial adjustments, sophisticated Amazon bidding tools make it easy for our analysts to continually monitor and regularly adjust campaigns.

Key features of our technology include: 

Upload hundreds of products


Assign each product its own ad group

Intelligently designed campaign structures


Advanced keyword segmentation

An example of Amazon Advertising.

Amazon Advertising Management

Omnitail analysts work closely with each client to develop a data-driven strategy that grows revenue and profit. We ensure every product is added to advertising, maximizing the potential for sales. Where available, we also include cost of goods on the product level, along with an assumption for Amazon’s commission. We can adjust these metrics when costs change – or to account for added Amazon costs like Prime.

We use these costs to gain a more accurate, holistic understanding of the impact of ad spend on an account. ACoS is only a measure of efficiency – by accounting for costs as well, we can direct spend to those products and ad groups that provide the most profit for our clients.

Our Amazon Advertising agency services include:

Every product added to advertising


SKU-level cost data including Amazon fees

Strategy aligned to clients’ goals


Accurate, data-driven bid management

Data sharing with Google Shopping

Cross-Channel Insights

Since Amazon’s paid ad formats share similarities with most paid search formats, we can mine search queries across PLA channels to apply to Amazon. We use that data to optimize Amazon in tandem with paid search channels – everything from adding successful keywords to optimizing Amazon listings. 

We also monitor both Amazon and Google Shopping, to ensure Amazon listings aren’t cannibalizing sales from Shopping campaigns. 

We can share data with:

Bing and Google Paid Search Ads


Google Shopping Ads

Keyword data


Key sales and revenue insights

Omnitail Dedicated Analyst

Dedicated Analysts

At Omnitail, your Amazon advertising will never be managed by an automated system.  Each account has a dedicated analyst with a limited number of accounts, so there’s time to put in real work that drives measurable results. Every account receives regular reporting, and we pride ourselves on being responsive to any and all questions and concerns. No impersonal “support” lines required!

Our standard services include:

Monthly Performance Calls


  Dedicated Account Representative

Custom Analyses


Multi-Attribution Reporting

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