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Entertainment Earth is an online retailer and wholesaler of collectibles. On top of managing their expansive product feed, they have to stay up-to-date with the latest pop culture trends. They were losing money on their paid search advertising trying to keep up—and had tried multiple times to make their paid search program profitable.

How could Entertainment Earth advertise their vast, ever-changing product line and drive profit? They came to Omnitail to make it possible.

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Before coming to Omnitail, Entertainment Earth tried search ads multiple times in the past and they had never been profitable. Two major obstacles made paid search a challenge.

First, managing their extensive product feed was time-consuming.

Second, because they add new, niche products frequently, it was a difficult for them to advertise new products in a timely manner.

1. Extensive Product Feed

Managing text ads for an extensive product line is a challenge for any retailer. Managers must write relevant ad copy, keep ads current based on stock status, and make sure bids are competitive across all products. The larger the product feed—the more ads needed, and the harder it is to manage them all efficiently!

Entertainment Earth’s product feed had high-quality data, but a wide range of products. Managing search ads across all products without the help of automation was an impossible task—and maintaining them effectively was even more difficult.

2. Timely and Highly-Specific Products

Entertainment Earth’s products are largely collectibles, which posed a unique challenge. When products hit the digital shelves, demand drastically increases as fans scoop up hot new releases. In the following days, demand makes a u-turn as these products become less relevant. 

To add to the challenge, the ads for these new products needed to be highly targeted, because demand for each item was so specific. How could Entertainment Earth advertise these products with such a short window for effective advertising, when the ads themselves needed to be unique to each item?

Omnitail's Advertising Strategy

Some level of automation was necessary to handle an account of this size—but we also needed to make sure to employ it using our expert strategy. To scale the search program effectively, we made two major changes.

First, campaign builds were automated, using analyst expertise to create high-quality campaigns and ad groups. Then, we built a custom solution to enable and pause new product ads based on stock status—a key requirement for time-sensitive products.

Automated Campaign Builds

Previously, Entertainment Earth struggled to scale its search program to an ever-changing range of products.

Using business intelligence, we…

Built a system to identify items that were reaching peak popularity (products that were driving sales);

Leveraged automation to build out unique keywords related to these popular items; and

Generated ad copy based on keywords and other important item attributes.

Voila—an automated advertising segment for each new product! These changes allowed our client to tap into the power of their best-selling items. Because ad copy was generated automatically, they regained precious time for their company and gave their products more time on the market. New releases were time-sensitive, so advertising them sooner also meant more sales!

The best part? The ads became specific enough to pull in the most qualified customers, making the program much more efficient!

Ads Paused Based on Stock Status

Since demand for certain products fluctuates quickly after new releases, we needed an effective way to turn ads on and off. We decided to automatically enable or pause ads based on stock status.

Doing it this way meant we didn’t have to keep track of which ads should be running and which ads should be turned off. Without this system in place, we’d have to track and update the ads manually. It wouldn’t be scalable to run text ads for this many products. 

This system made it possible to effectively advertise all of their products. Now when a product goes out of stock, Entertainment Earth doesn’t have to worry about wasting money advertising a product that they can’t sell.


Entertainment Earth went from no profit on paid search, to incredible profitability almost overnight. Not only did we boost the effectiveness and efficiency of their advertising, but we also helped Entertainment Earth reclaim something much more valuable—time.

By harnessing the powerful combination of our analysts’ expertise and customized automation —Entertainment Earth continues to grow like never before!


Increase in Profit 

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