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Farris MD is a cosmetic plastic surgery practice located in Dallas, Texas. When they reached out to Omnitail, they were already a successful practice in the area but wanted to see how paid search ads could improve their program and help with lead generation.

Paid Leads Driven
Lead Volume Increase (in 1st Month)
% Leads Driven by Omnitail Since Launch
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Paid Leads Driven


Lead Volume Increase
(in 1st Month)


% Leads Driven by Omnitail
Since Launch


We identified three main points we needed to address with an account strategy. Farris MD wanted to acquire more local leads, so we needed to focus on that in our campaign structure. We also needed to account for the long sales cycle, to accurately track leads and make improvements to the account going forward.

1. Competing Locally

Local business is integral to Farris MD’s customer base. We needed to figure out how to accurately target customers who lived close enough to consider going to Farris MD and not a different practice. How could we stand out locally and stay ahead of the competition? How could we incorporate this into our campaign build?

2. Dealing with Long Sales Cycle

Farris MD’s sales cycle is a fairly long process due to the nature of their services. Because the price of the procedures is usually a significant investment, most people take awhile to commit to the purchase. On top of that, after the client has decided they want the procedure, there are multiple appointments and consultations which prolong the process. Finally, since cosmetic surgery can be such a big investment, installment plans are common, making it difficult to see the actual revenue figures. How could we account for this in our attribution model?

3. Tracking Leads More Accurately

When we took over the account, Farris MD was already using forms on their website to generate leads. However, these form fills weren’t being tracked as accurately as possible. The practice also often took phone calls from leads to schedule consultations or procedures, and these were not being tracked at all prior to signing with Omnitail.

Omnitail's Advertising Strategy

Local Search Queries

In order to deliver extremely relevant and effective paid search ads, we targeted variants of all search terms by location. For example, while the keyword “liposuction” exists in a separate campaign, we would also have a location-specific campaign with keywords such as “liposuction 75231” and “liposuction dallas”.

We appended zip codes and city names for all locations within a relevant radius, using this method to generate qualified leads.

Taxonomy Keywords

This structure allowed us to tailor advertising to the client’s preferred procedures and also track which procedures specifically were generating leads.

We structured paid search campaigns around the existing taxonomy of the website, targeting category terms such as “breast procedures” and sub-category terms such as “breast reduction.”

Sorting Form Fills

To improve tracking of form fills, we added a “thank you” page where users were directed after clicking “submit” on a form. We were then able to confidently claim leads since users have to submit their form in order to reach the “thank you” page.

We also have the ability to target users who reached the contact page but did not convert. Users who fall into this category are more qualified traffic and should be approached differently than other traffic. 

Multi-Touch Attribution

To keep up with the long sales cycle and accurately attribute leads, we transitioned to an assisted + last-click model attribution model. Farris MD was previously using a last-touch model that credited a lead to an ad only when a user clicked on an ad and immediately took a conversion action in that first session.

However, people shopping around for a plastic surgeon are likely to do their research before scheduling a consult or procedure. The assisted model accounts for this long research and comparison phrase.

Now, when a user clicks on an ad, they can return to the site anytime within 90 days to take a conversion action, and that action will be credited to the original ad.

Competitor Branded Searches

Customers often compare different practices in the area during the research phase. In order to remain top-of-mind and stay competitive, we bid on competitor branded search terms. Farris MD’s paid search ads now show up alongside or even outrank competitor branded ads.

Phone Call Tracking

We added phone call tracking through a third-party platform (see below). This allowed us to concretely link phone calls to our advertising efforts, and to use them to adjust our bidding strategies.

Before some campaigns and ads appeared less successful than they actually were. With the addition of phone calls, we could push bids up or down based on the totality of conversions.


Since Farris MD partnered with Omnitail, more than 2,000 leads have been driven by paid ads – representing 50% of the total leads generated by the business. In the first month alone, Omnitail’s strategy resulted in an 85% increase in lead volume. Furthermore, an updated tracking methodology means every lead can be directly attributed to its source. 

New avenues of marketing have opened, too. Phone calls are now being tracked and attributed to advertising. Site visitors who do not immediately convert can be targeted with remarketing, to encourage them to return and complete the form. Farris MD is now also serving ads on competitor terms, to boost impressions and increase awareness.


Increase in Lead Volume
(in First Month) 

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