Mastering Video Ads on Meta: How to Advertise on Social Media

Think about the most recent video ad you clicked on while scrolling through social media. What did you like about it? It  likely grabbed your attention with captivating visuals, targeted content tailored to your interests, and compelling storytelling because let’s face it—there is a ton of content on social media, so something about this ad made you stop and click through. 

As an eCommerce business pro, you’re likely wondering how to efficiently compete in a saturated market—and how you can use your personal experiences as a consumer to your advantage.

With the right approach and some patience, you can learn to advertise effectively on social media to expand your company’s reach and achieve success similar to that of the brands you love. No matter if you’re just starting out or your company is established, learning how to make the most of your social media video ads can mean increased awareness and profitability for your business.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss why video ads are an important part of your paid social strategy, how to advertise on social media using video, what ad formats are available, and provide some tips to help you maximize conversion value.

Why Are Social Media Video Ads Important?

Navigating the world of social media advertising can feel like exploring uncharted territory—especially because trends and user interests change so rapidly it’s challenging to keep up with what’s relevant. That’s where paid social video ads can step in and bridge the gap; compared to reading text, a whopping 95% of users retain more of an ads message when watched in video format.

Not only can you increase your reach and attract new customers through video ads, but this format allows you to convey your message and showcase products and services in a dynamic and compelling manner, making them highly engaging and memorable. In this way, it immerses your audience, making them feel like they’re part of your brand’s story. 

Here are a few additional reasons why video ads are important for your marketing strategy: 

  • Greater impact & engagement: Like with organic content, videos are more impactful than text or static image advertisements. With video, brands are able to hold users attention for longer periods of time—but also include all their points in a few seconds.

  • Elevated emotional connection: Visual storytelling can evoke emotions, which fosters a deeper human connection and increases the likelihood of shoppers taking the next desired action (such as making a purchase or researching more about your products).

  • Dynamic showcase of products or services: Video ads provide an immersive and dynamic way to showcase products or services, allowing brands to highlight key features, demonstrate functionality, and provide real-life examples of how their offerings benefit their ideal customer profile.

Video ads are also crucial for brand awareness across all digital marketing platforms. YouTube Ads, specifically, play a significant role. To learn more, check out our blog post for tips on advertising effectively on YouTube.

Exploring Available Placements for Social Media Video Ads on Meta

Social media video ads can be strategically positioned across various placements on Facebook and Instagram, offering advertisers a wide array of options to maximize reach and engagement. Before talking about how to advertise on social media, we’ll explore the different ad placements available on Meta. 

In-stream ads appear within longer main video content on the platform. They’re inserted during natural pauses or between segments. These ads play before, during, or after the main video content. 

Feed ads appear in users’ News Feeds as they scroll through Facebook or Instagram, seamlessly blending with organic content between posts from friends, family, and other followed pages. These ads auto-play as users scroll.

Stories ads are short video ads within the Stories feature on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. They’re full screen, vertical videos playing between user-generated content and provide an immersive experience, often with interactive elements like swipe-up links or stickers.

Reels ads are short, vertical video ads in the Reels feature on Instagram and Facebook. They seamlessly blend with users’ Reels feeds, appearing between organic content. Advertisers use them to showcase products or services in a visually engaging format, capitalizing on this short-form video trend.

Messenger ads can be found in different spots like the Messenger inbox, chat threads, or the home screen. Users see them while scrolling through messages or chatting with friends and businesses.

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Effective Tips for Learning How to Advertise on Social Media

With countless users scrolling daily, social media video ads offer immense potential for eCommerce businesses to reach wide audiences. But if you’re unsure how to maximize conversion value using paid social video ads, reaching that large target audience effectively can be a challenge. Here are some tips to make learning how to advertise on social media easier and more effective.

Grab attention immediately: Since the maximum length of your ads should be around 45 seconds, use striking imagery or eye-catching clips to hook people in right away. Use visually striking imagery like vibrant landscapes or an intriguing hook like “Discover the secret to effortless cooking,” to draw them in.

Design first for ADA compliance & muted content: While it might seem strange, designing for muted content (i.e. assuming the sound is turned off) helps you clearly convey your message visually—and be of assistance for those potential shoppers who are hearing impaired. Because video sound is automatically set to “mute,” it’s extremely important to utilize captions or text overlays to ensure any spoken message gets communicated.

Incorporate strong branding: Make sure your brand elements, such as logos, colors, and slogans/headlines, are prominently communicated throughout the video to both build and reinforce brand awareness, and familiarize shoppers with your brand.

Utilize a clear call-to-action (CTA): Prompt viewers to take action after watching your social media video ads. Whether it’s visiting your website to learn more or making a purchase, make sure the CTA is clear. Examples include placing a “shop now”, “explore now,” or “learn more” button or stand-out text.

A/B test everything: Experiment with different video formats, lengths, messaging, and targeting options. Testing allows you to see what resonates best with your audience and make data-driven optimizations to improve performance. 

Respond to comments: Encourage interaction by responding to comments and engaging with viewers. This helps create a sense of community around your brand, and as signals Meta that your content is valuable and your brand is worthy of promotion.

Paid Social Pro Tip:

When creating mobile video ads, opt for short, concise video creative. Shorter videos tend to be more effective on mobile devices.

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