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Our devotion to transparency is two-fold. First, our strategies are engineered to give our clients the most objective look at their account performance—no meaningless metrics. That’s why we use profit as our core KPI because it provides our clients with the real profit dollars they’ve earned. Second, we provide maximum visibility in all steps of account management. We aim for our clients to truly understand how we manage their accounts, from strategy to metrics, to recommended changes.



Our integrity is incredibly important to us. We spend at a level that offers maximum profit to the client — no more, no less. We are committed to doing all we can to help our clients achieve their goals, and we work closely with them to address their unique business needs. Whatever the outcome — we’ll tell it as it is, and provide the full picture of account performance.



Accountability goes hand-in-hand with transparency and integrity. We do not let automation manage our clients’ campaigns. Each account has a dedicated analyst with a limited number of clients, to ensure each client is given the attention and tailored experience they deserve. We own account performance —  good or bad. Every analyst regularly checks in with clients, keeping them fully informed of decisions made in the account and advising on next steps.

Our Story

In 2015, we recognized the lack of accountability and integrity amongst digital marketing agencies. Time and time again we saw analysts with too many accounts, agencies driving up ad spend to increase fees, and strategists relying too heavily on metrics like ROAS. We decided to create a different type of agency: an honest agency.  


At Omnitail, each of our analysts has a limited number of clients, for a tailored and highly-specialized agency experience. We charge a flat-rate because we only want to spend more on advertising if it makes sense for your business—not because we earn a percentage of ad spend. 


Most importantly, we are profit-driven. At Omnitail we offer true accountability, integrity, and transparency by measuring profit directly, and by teaching our clients to rely on profit as an accurate barometer for performance. That’s why we are Omnitail: The Profit-Driven Online Marketing Agency.