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What Sets Us Apart

Our PLA Strategy

Profit-Driven PLA Management

Still using ROAS to measure your PLA success? You’re probably leaving money on the table.

ROAS (like A/S, and CPO/CPA) doesn’t account for cost of goods or costs like shipping and payment processing. It simply won’t help you find the best way to manage ad spend. The result: over-efficiency and less profit.

Some factors we use to determine profit:

• Ad Spend• Cost of Goods• Variable Overhead
• Merchandise Return Rate• Customer Lifetime Value• Anything else that impacts your bottom line!

Our goal at Omnitail is to understand your business needs and optimize your account to boost operating profit.

PLA Query Segmentation

We don't waste PLA spend on search terms that don’t convert. Using your sales and query data, we divide your search terms into 3 categories: generic, qualified, and item-specific.

Other agencies use an equal bid for all of three categories, resulting in wasted ad spend. Using our strategy, we lower bids on generic terms and bid more aggressively on item-specific terms— maximizing impression share and profit.

Time and time again, this strategy has dramatically improved performance for our clients with little change to total media spend.

Product Feed Optimization

Successful PLA management begins with successful data optimization. Each one of our client’s product feeds goes through a 6-phase, 77-step product feed optimization process, revising key attributes to ensure optimal PLA performance. New products are regularly optimized and added to the feed – so every product has a chance to be successful!

Technology + Experts

Using tools customized to each account, we make thousands of bid adjustments at once, ensuring every product is being advertised efficiently. Meanwhile, our expert analysts work diligently to monitor and improve areas that software overlooks. By combining technology and expertise, Omnitail ensures accounts perform to the highest standard.

Multi-Touch Attribution

We believe our industry suffers from a lack of transparency and accountability —especially when it comes to reporting. That’s why we always look at your account using at least two attribution models (conservative and generous) — so you can track the full impact of your PLA campaigns’ performance.

“Hands down, Omnitail was the best decision we made in 2018!”