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Attribute sales for different types of ads including Sponsored Products, Brands, Display ads and Amazon DSP ads; 

Account for delays in metric reporting and variations in Amazon’s attribution models;

Confidently manage your campaigns and make adjustments despite the reporting lagtime;

Accurately measure the impact of your ad spend, regardless of sales cycle; and

Connect successful ad campaigns to increases in overall Amazon revenue!

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Cracking the Amazon Attribution Code

Do you know which Amazon ad campaigns are driving sales? Can you pinpoint which ads or are having a real effect on revenue – and which are falling short?

A good advertising strategy includes a strong understanding of Amazon’s attribution models, and the differences in attribution across various ad types. You need to be aware of the impact these differences in attribution can have on your metrics. You should account for the length of your sales cycle when managing your Amazon ads, and the impact different sales cycles can have on ad spend and revenue metrics. Most importantly – you must have confidence in the performance metrics you’re seeing, and in your interpretation of them.

We’ve compiled a few simple, actionable ways to account for Amazon’s unique attribution, and ensure you’re correctly interpreting your sales and revenue data. Read our whitepaper to uncover these detailed insights on Amazon Ads and campaign attribution!

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