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Pricing: The Key to Winning the Buy Box

Amazon sellers know the Buy Box is important – but did you know more than 80% of sales on Amazon happen through the Buy Box? At more than $46 billion in sales last quarter, that’s a lot of revenue tied to just a handful of product placements!

So how do you consistently win the Buy Box? Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) program participation, product reviews, and title optimization play a role, but the single most important factor is Amazon product pricing.

Keeping your products’ pricing consistent with the rest of the market is often time-consuming and difficult. You can add to that frustration if you’re selling an item that has an Amazon-branded counterpart, as those tend to be extra competitive! The platform’s automated rules help, but even these can’t help spot systemic issues in your pricing structure. These issues can be costly: every product that becomes ineligible for advertising on Amazon represents lost revenue to the seller.

The solution to the Buy Box problem is found in an unlikely place: Google Shopping! Google’s reporting interface offers some key cross-channel insights that can be applied to your Amazon pricing, and even help you spot potential MAP violations. Let’s jump into Google’s Benchmark Product Pricing report, and see how it can help you unlock the Buy Box!

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