Grow Your Profit with Automated Bidding on Google Shopping

Not sure which automated bidding strategy to choose on Google Shopping? Find out which strategy is the best fit for your business, and learn how to drive profit using that strategy. 

What's Inside

Not sure how to make automated bidding profitable on Google Shopping? 
You’ll learn about the 4 different bidding strategies available, and how to… 

Choose which bidding strategy is best for your business

Manage each bidding strategy to maximize profit and grow your business 

 Use automated bidding effectively with expert tips and tricks

Start Using Automated Bidding on Google Shopping

Which Automated Bidding Strategy on Google Shopping is Right for You?

You have decided to use an automated bidding strategy for your Google Shopping campaigns. Maybe you’ve tried to use manual bidding before and took up too much of your time. Perhaps you are just getting started on Google Shopping. You know you might not be able to effectively manage campaigns with manual bidding. 

No matter your reason for choosing automated bidding, we are here to help! 

Automated bidding strategies have their benefits. Unlike manual campaigns, automated bidding strategies give advertisers access to additional signals such as demographic data, location data, exact search terms, and more. While you can’t see this information, Google uses this data to fine-tune your bidding to reach your goals. 

Ultimately, though, automated bidding lacks the granularity and control of manual bidding. On top of that, while automated bidding takes less time to manage, that doesn’t mean you can just set and forget your bids. A certain degree of management is crucial to running profitable campaigns. 

In this guide, we will show you how to profitably manage automated bidding strategies. 

We’ll explore the four types of automated bidding available on Google Shopping: Maximize Clicks, Enhanced CPC, Target ROAS, and Maximize Conversion Value. For each bidding type, we will discuss the most effective way to manage your automated bids—and show you how to maximize your profit.

Ready to Drive Profit with Automated Bidding?

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