Optimizing Your Black Friday Campaigns

For many retailers, the holiday season makes up a big percentage of yearly sales—with a very limited timeframe to capture customers. To add to the pressure, competition in the PPC space heats up as retailers ramp up spend on Google Shopping and Amazon.

Figuring out how to manage your Black Friday campaigns in the wake of all this can be stressful.

  • Which solution is best equipped to manage the complexities your account?
  • Should you hire an agency, or contract with a software company?

While automated software might seem like a good hands-off solution, there are some serious downsides.

Explore how the most wonderful time of the year is typically handled by automated software solutions. Read our guide to find out whether software can cope with increased sales—or if an agency is the better choice for your Black Friday campaigns!

In This Guide, We Cover...

The behavior of automated software in the weeks prior to Black Friday;

How these systems react to a sudden influx of sales the weekend after Thanksgiving;

The impact of these changes on the rest of the holiday season

How these changes differ from those recommended by a human account manager!

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Christina is the Marketing Manager at Omnitail. She spent several years doing content, PPC, and email marketing for retail and tech companies before starting as an SEM Analyst at Omnitail. Christina now manages Omnitail's various marketing initiatives and enjoys reading and writing about trends in digital marketing.