Improving Campaign Attribution with The Diamond Store

The Diamond Store is a leading online retailer of fine jewelry in the United Kingdom. The business was profitable with their existing marketing strategy, but they found it difficult to attribute sales to their campaigns accurately. These issues with campaign attribution prevented them from understanding which campaigns were effectively driving sales and—and which ones weren’t.

The business also experienced a long sales cycle, making it even more difficult to track the impact of their marketing on their bottom line. They turned to Omnitail to help them solve these attribution problems and grow sales and revenue profitably!

See how we applied multi-touch attribution to get a more accurate picture of which touchpoints were impacting sales. We also incorporated a longer lookback window to account for The Diamond Store’s longer than normal sales cycle. We applied these strategies to grow orders, revenue, and profit—and we can do the same for your business! Learn more in this case study:

See How We...

Drove a 3.6X increase in profit year over year

Correctly tracked campaign attribution sales across a long sales cycle using multi-touch attribution

Used a data-driven approach to spend allocation

Evaluated revenue and profit using a longer lookback window

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