What is Dynamic Bidding on Amazon?

What's Inside

In This Video, We Cover…

 When to use Dynamic Bidding (Down Only) 

 When to use Dynamic Bidding (Up and Down) 

 The difference between Dynamic Bidding and Fixed bidding on Amazon 

 How much Amazon can adjust your bid for each type

 Which is the best type of bidding to use on Amazon

Learn About Bidding on Amazon

Should You Use Dynamic Bidding or Fixed Bidding on Amazon Ads?

Amazon advertisers, what’s your bidding strategy on Amazon? There are quite a few options when it comes to bidding on Amazon, but no matter which strategy you choose, strategically setting your bids is key to succeeding on Amazon. 

An important part of any Amazon bidding strategy is choosing if you want to use Dynamic Bidding or fixed bidding. In this video we will discuss… 

  • Dynamic bidding (down only) 
  • Dynamic bidding (up and down) 
  • Fixed Bidding 

We hope this video helps you decide which type of bidding is right for your business. If you want to learn more about bidding on Amazon, check out our blog: What’s the Best Amazon Campaign Bidding Strategy?

And if you need help managing your Amazon campaigns, reach out today!

Dynamic or Fixed Bidding? Which Should You Use?

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