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Your Go-to Google Shopping Promotions Checklist

What's Inside

With this checklist, you can…

Choose which type of discount to offer 

Decide the scope of your promotion—does it apply to all orders, all products, or only some? 

Discover other promotions you can include like free gifts, gift cards, and shipping promotions

Learn what types of promotions are not allowed on Google Shopping

Ready to Set Up Your Google Shopping Promotions?

So You Want to Run Google Shopping Promotions?

Buy one, get two free.  50% off orders over $100.  Spring sale: 15% off everything!

On your website, or in your store, you can run any type of promotion you can dream up. Running a promotion on Google Shopping, however, requires a little extra planning. If you’re ready to extend your sales to Google Shopping—you’ve come to the right Google Shopping promotions checklist. We manage promotions for our clients all year round, and we’ve got it down to a science.

Don’t go on an endless search for the answers. Simply follow each step of this checklist to get your Google Shopping promotions up and running.

To get more in-depth with each type of Google Shopping Promotion, check out our page, Google Shopping Promotions: Everything You Need to Know. We’ll explain the do’s and don’ts of each type of promotion, with examples.

Ready to Set Up Your Google Shopping Promotions?

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