Take Your PLAs
to the Next Level

You’re running Google Shopping ads, but how do you know they’re successful? Even if you know they are performing well, how do you optimize performance even further?

At Omnitail, we use a marginal ROI analysis to optimize performance in our clients’ Google Shopping accounts.

We believe our agency services are more than a set of capabilities.  It’s an honest assessment of the financial lift our services are likely to provide. We encourage anyone evaluating an agency to look for this sort of analysis – it sets expectations from the start, and helps you qualify the agency’s capabilities.

In this whitepaper, we’ll walk you through the building blocks to our PLA strategy, and how we apply these to forecast and drive profit for our clients.

You'll Learn...

Why profit is an ideal metric for optimizing shopping ads

How query segmentation helps control where spend is directed in your account – preventing wasted spend on irrelevant keywords

How to perform a marginal ROI analysis for a transparent assessment of financial lift

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Calculating Marginal ROI for
Google Shopping Ads

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Christina is the Marketing Manager at Omnitail. She spent several years doing content, PPC, and email marketing for retail and tech companies before starting as an SEM Analyst at Omnitail. Christina now manages Omnitail's various marketing initiatives and enjoys reading and writing about trends in digital marketing.