Do Your Product Titles Win Sales?

Product title optimization: it sounds like a tedious, manual process that can’t really make that much difference. Small fixes, that might move the needle but won’t make or break advertising.

But: last year, 47% of purchases worldwide occurred online – and 90% of in-store purchasers reported researching a product online before heading out to buy it. Your primary objective as an advertiser is to appear in front of as many relevant customers as possible, but they can’t decide to purchase unless they know what you’re offering. These improvements are a key factor in making sure Google knows where (and to whom) to serve your ads, and in giving customers the necessary information to know whether your product is what they’re looking for!

Unfortunately, these fixes are too-often overlooked. We find many a retailer whose products have short, nondescript titles (or even those that don’t accurately describe the product!) We’ve put together this guide to help. In it, you’ll find a data-driven way to improve your product listings, using terms and phrases your customers are already incorporating in their search for your products. Let’s get started!

You'll Learn...

 Why detailed titles are so important

Which key product features are commonly overlooked in title optimization;

How to use your own advertising data to develop new, high-converting titles and descriptions!

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Improving Your Product Titles:
Tips for a Better Shopping Feed

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Christina is the Marketing Manager at Omnitail. She spent several years doing content, PPC, and email marketing for retail and tech companies before starting as an SEM Analyst at Omnitail. Christina now manages Omnitail's various marketing initiatives and enjoys reading and writing about trends in digital marketing.