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Optimizing Your Non-Branded Search Campaign

Do you know which campaigns are really contributing to your sales? Find out for certain where revenue is coming from and start redirecting spend to the search terms that are driving sales! 

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In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how to…

Identify times when sales from non-branded PPC campaigns are attributed to branded campaigns instead

Implement a simple fix to reattribute these sales to the correct campaigns

Carefully consider the impact of this change on budgets and forecasting

Ready to Fix Your Non-Branded Search Campaign?

Fix Your Non-Branded Search Attribution

Are your non-branded searches responsible for your branded campaign success?

Your branded search campaigns might look really great on paper, with lots of clicks and a high conversion rate. However—branded queries usually appear in an account when a searcher has already learned of your brand through a previous marketing effort, communication, or product search.

Many times, non-branded search campaigns are actually responsible for introducing the searcher to your brand, which creates some very misleading performance metrics.  Sales are incorrectly attributed to the branded campaign—but in reality, the sale is the result of a non-branded search.

In this whitepaper, we’ll dive into an example of this kind of misattribution, and offer you a simple solution to put your metrics back on track!

Ready to Fix Your
Non-Branded Search Campaigns?

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