[Video] How to Plan for Prime Day on Amazon

What's Inside

In This Video, We Cover…

  4 of the most important steps to prepare;

 When you should start getting ready; 

 How to attract new Amazon shoppers on Prime Day; 

 The best way to build each type of Prime Day campaign; and

 Set your budgets for success! 

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To Do: Plan for Prime Day

Is planning Prime Day on your to-do list?

The best piece of advice for managing Prime Day on Amazon is to plan early, plan early, plan early! Get started setting budgets, testing ads, and collecting important data—this will help you be a step ahead of your competitors when the big day arrives. Did you know there are 4 times as many unique shoppers that day as there are every other day of the year? Plan ahead to attract and entice these new shoppers that you only get to reach out to once a year!

In 2019, Prime Day generated more than $7 billion USD in 2019 (up from $4.19 billion USD the year prior).  If you haven’t started planning for Prime Day, this video is made for you. Watch the video below and start planning for success:

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