Boost Performance for Your Low-Traffic Products using Google Ads

Every retailer has a few “problem” items: low-traffic products. We’ve found a simple (and surprising) way to get these products off the ground. The solution? Smart Campaigns. 

What's Inside

Have poor-performing products? In this guide you’ll learn how to use Smart Shopping campaigns and: 

 Reach new customers through additional placements and signals only available in Smart Shopping campaigns 

 Get Google to prioritize your ads by using Smart Shopping

 Segment your campaigns specifically to boost traffic 

 Track the profitability of your Smart Shopping campaigns to guarantee they are improving performance for your products


Create Campaigns to Boost Your Traffic

Use Smart Shopping Campaigns to Boost Performance for Tricky Products

Whether you’re a fan of Smart Shopping campaigns, or not—we have found one solid use for these automated campaigns: boosting performance for low-traffic products. 

Products that we’ve found excel in Smart Shopping campaigns include: high value products that drive little traffic, poor-performing products, and products that are overlooked in standard campaigns. 

Since Smart Shopping campaigns get access to signals and data not available to advertisers who use Standard Shopping campaigns, these campaigns can find untapped audiences and placements for your low-traffic products—that actually work! 

While Smart Shopping is a great solution to boosting your low-traffic products, there’s a smarter way to go about setting up these campaigns—and even though they are automated, these campaigns still require some management. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to segment your products to increase the effectiveness of your Smart Shopping campaigns. Then, you’ll learn how to track profitability, so you will have concrete proof of your success! 

Ready to Boost Your Traffic?

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