Maximize Google Shopping Success with Profit

At Omnitail, we do online marketing differently. Most agencies rely on KPIs like ROAS, A/S, and CPO/CPA — but those metrics don’t tell you the whole story. That’s why we manage our accounts to a different metric: operating profit.

Profit is the only metric that accounts for both efficiency and sales volume—so you understand the full potential of your PPC spend. We’re profit-driven. We’re Omnitail.

Profit Quick Start Guide

Want to learn more about why we’re a profit-driven marketing agency? Check out our quick start guide— it covers…

  • The Omnitail Difference
  • How We Calculate Profit
  • Profit-driven vs. ROAS-driven
  • Profit-driven Bid Management

Christina is the Marketing Manager at Omnitail. She spent several years doing content, PPC, and email marketing for retail and tech companies before starting as an SEM Analyst at Omnitail. Christina now manages Omnitail's various marketing initiatives and enjoys reading and writing about trends in digital marketing.