Uncapped Budgets Unlocked Portmantos' Potential

Portmantos is an online retailer of premium luggage and travel products. They sell on their own site in addition to Amazon.

Previously, they were working with an agency to grow sales on Amazon—but they couldn’t seem to get their sales off the ground.

They had an existing campaign structure, but it failed to drive significant growth, and since sales volume was low, as a result, they kept ad spend too low.

This severely limited potential for profit.

On top of that, unprofitable items were being advertised.

When they turned to Omnitail, their sales—and profit—took flight (just in time for the holiday season!) With the solid foundation of an updated campaign structure and our tried-and-true profit-driven strategy, revenue and profit soared like never before.

See how we...

Accounted for costs like commission, COGS, and the FBA fee to make ads more profitable

Cut back on or stopped advertising unprofitable products, limiting wasted spend 

Used uncapped budgets to unlock the full potential of Portmantos’ Amazon campaigns 

Increased orders by 4.25X 

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Savannah is a Marketing Specialist at Omnitail. She has a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design from George Mason University. She enjoys working with the amazing team at Omnitail to create original, helpful content.