[Video] Who’s Really Profiting From Your PPC Ads?

Who Really Profits From Your PPC Ads?

Have you considered your PPC ads lately? Sure, they might be driving sales, and you might have seen a significant improvement in revenue since you began running them. But if you’re partnering with an agency, sales and revenue are only half the story. You need to consider profit – and which whether you or your agency are really the ones profiting from your PPC ads program.

In this video, you’ll learn why metrics like ROAS, A/S, and CPO/CPA are only part of the equation. You’ll discover why partnering with a profit-driven agency is so important, and the difference in incentives between profit-driven management and a more traditional agency. Finally, you’ll see the real-life example of a retailer who thought they were profiting from their campaigns – but in reality, their agency was the winner.

Who benefits the most in your client-agency relationship? Is it you, the retailer….or not? Watch this video and find out!

In This Video, You'll Learn...

Why metrics like ROAS, CPO/CPA, and A/S don’t show you the full picture of account performance;

Why partnering with an agency that prioritizes profit is so important; and

How to tell who’s really profiting from your PPC ads – you, or your agency!

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Christina is the Marketing Manager at Omnitail. She spent several years doing content, PPC, and email marketing for retail and tech companies before starting as an SEM Analyst at Omnitail. Christina now manages Omnitail's various marketing initiatives and enjoys reading and writing about trends in digital marketing.