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Predict Your Future Ad Spend – The Right Way.

Learn to use a square root model of diminishing returns to analyze your ad spend, revenue, and profit to forecast next year’s ideal ad cost.

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In this e-book you’ll learn how to…

Use current sales and spend data to determine optimum efficiency (and profit!) for your ads

Calculate how much you should spend on advertising to achieve maximum profit

Use a square root model of diminishing returns to accurately forecast revenue, spend, & profit

Learn which factors can influence your forecast, and how to account for them!

Ready to Predict Your Future Ad Spend?

Forecast Revenue—and Maximize Profit!

You can’t predict the future – but you can forecast your ad spend and revenue! Find out whether your ad dollars are truly maximizing profit, and see where small changes can immediately add value. The key? A square root analysis!

Using a square root formula to model diminishing returns, you’ll develop an informed understanding of the impact of your ad spend on your revenue. We’ll show you how to use your data to set a data-driven target profit benchmark – and how to calculate the spend you’ll need to meet that benchmark. Finally, you’ll learn how to accurately forecast revenue for the upcoming year, and which factors you need to consider when creating this analysis.

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Forecast Your Revenue and Profit

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