Optimize Your Product Feed for Smart Shopping Campaigns

Boost the profitability of your Smart Shopping campaigns! It all starts with your product feed. 

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What's Inside

From Omnitail and GoDataFeed: an in-depth guide to feed optimization and campaign structure for Smart Shopping.
Inside you’ll learn…

Which attributes impact the success of your feed and learn how to optimize those attributes 

How to maximize profit by segmenting your campaigns by available margin

The right campaign structure to meet your goals 

Continuous optimizations you can make to ensure your campaigns continue to generate profit 

Improve Your Campaigns Today

Have Your Smart Shopping Campaigns Hit a Plateau?

Since their advent in 2018, Smart Shopping campaigns have become increasingly popular among retail advertisers. Google controls the bidding process and the placement strategy for this type of campaign, supposedly with the intent of maximizing conversion value (i.e., revenue.) 

However, we’ve often seen these campaigns hit a plateau without proper, attentive management. These campaigns can drive sales and revenue, but often with a “set-it-and-forget-it” strategy they don’t show improvement over time. 

That said—Smart Shopping campaigns can drive growth! The key is to adopt a profit-driven management strategy that includes not only a solid campaign structure but also an optimized product feed. 

Together with our colleagues at GoDataFeed, we’ve put together a guide to getting the most out of Smart Shopping campaigns. First, we’ll cover some dos and don’ts of product feed optimization for Smart Shopping campaigns. Then, we’ll dive into a profit-driven strategy for driving growth from your campaigns— even months and years after launch!  

Profitable Smart Campaigns Await

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