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Profit vs ROAS: Making the Right Choice

See why profit is the only core KPI that enables you to calculate the optimal level of spend and efficiency for your business.

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In This Whitepaper, You’ll Learn…

How to measure performance with profit

Why ROAS, A/SA, and CPO/CPA shouldn’t be the sole measure of campaign success;

Why profit in whole dollars can increase at a different (or even lower!) ROAS target; and

How an increase in CPO/CPA can drive additional revenue and grow profit!

Find Out if ROAS or Profit is Better for Your Business

Why Not ROAS?

If you’re relying on ROAS to drive your campaigns and maximize your ads’ potential, you’re leaving money on the table.

Traditional KPIs like ROAS, A/S, and CPO/CPA don’t give you the full picture of your business performance, which can lead to misdirected spend. That’s why at Omnitail, we use profit as our core KPI. It is the only metric that accounts for both efficiency and sales volume so you can understand every angle of your performance and make more informed business decisions about your ad spend.

We want to show you why and how we use profit as our primary metric to gauge performance. You will see that when stacked against common metrics used by other agencies, the profit-driven approach wins every time.

Put Your Campaigns on the Path to Profit

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