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In This Video, We Cover…

 The different types of star ratings on Google Ads;

The value of rating extensions (and see an example from one retailer!); and

  How to perform an analysis to determine the incremental lift of these ratings for your business!



Ready to Upgrade Your Shopping Campaigns?

Proven-Techniques to Optimize Your Google Shopping Campaigns

Seller rating extensions add a lot of value to campaigns (after all, 91% of customers say reviews play a role in their purchasing decisions!) Because you’ll need to hire a third-party review platform, though, you need to make sure the payoff will outweigh the investment. This is especially important if you’ll need to justify this decision to your boss, or if you want to negotiate pricing with one of these platforms.

Let’s walk through the various types of rating extensions, and see the value these extensions provided for one business! We’ll even discuss ways to calculate the incremental lift for your own business.

Ready to see the value seller rating extensions can create for your business? Watch our video below!

Optimize Your Google Shopping Campaigns

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