Read the Smart Shopping case study to see how we...

  • Made Smart Shopping more actionable
  • Implemented a profit-driven campaign structure
  • Converted contribution margin into TROAS
  • Increased orders 49% in the first 3 months

Should You Automate
Your Google Ads?

Saint Bernard is a leading retailer of luxury ski apparel. They had been advertising with Smart Shopping campaigns for more than a year, but revenue had hit a wall. They struggled to grow sales and worse, they weren’t effectively driving profit—so they turned to Omnitail to help them restructure campaigns and increase profit! 

In the first three months with Omnitail, Saint Bernard grew profit 63%—finally making Smart Shopping work for their products. How did we do it? When we assessed Saint Bernards account we noticed they were’t using a profit-driven bidding strategy and had only one campaign group.

On top of that, the automated campaigns made it hard to see what was performing well and what needed to be improved. When Saint Bernard partnered with us, we found a way to make Smart Shopping campaigns more transparent and actionable for them. Read how we did it in the case study.

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