[Video] Why You Should Use Assisted Conversions to Attribute Sales

What's Inside

In This Video, We Cover…

 The basics of assisted conversions — what are assisted conversions? 

 A real-life example of how you can use assisted conversions to better attribute sales 

 Attribution models and Average Order Value (AOV)

 Major benefits of using this data for your business

Ready to Upgrade Your Shopping Campaigns?

Learn Which Ads Attract New Customers with Assisted Conversion Data

Do you know the key to correctly attributing sales? You guessed it — assisted conversion data! By tracking more than just last-click attribution, you can discover which ads introduce new shoppers to your brand, and which help them move down the funnel. You can also find out which ads continuously drive sales across all stages in the sales process. With that information, you can target your ads with pinpoint accuracy.

You’ll know exactly which ads to use to keep customers buying—and which ads will help you attract new shoppers!

Unlock these hidden insights that are waiting in your campaigns with the help of assisted conversion data. At Omnitail, we use a combination of last-click and assisted conversion data to get a full picture of our clients account performance—and you can do the same.

It’s all here in this short video! We’ll cover a real-life example of how to apply this data to your account to gain a better understanding of the impact of your advertising.

If you need help attributing sales, reach out to us today. Set up a free strategy call and we’ll show you specifically how your business can harness the power of assisted conversion data!

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