[Video] How to Rank Higher on Google Shopping

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Improve Your Google Shopping Ranking By:

Fixing product titles that are impacting ad performance;

Segmenting your product feed and campaigns wisely; and

Using keyword segmentation to limited wasted spend on irrelevant queries!

Ready to Rank Higher on Google Shopping?

Improve Your Google Shopping Ranking Today Using These Tips

Google Shopping ad rank: is it everything it’s cracked up to be? It depends on which searches you’re ranking for! One study found that 1/3 of searchers clicked on a PPC ad because the ad directly answered their search query. These are the customers you want to reach—the ones who are looking specifically for your products!

So, how do you rank higher on Google Shopping, and make sure you’re serving for the ads that matter most?

You can’t just snap your fingers and expect your ads to improve. But you can make a few simple changes to your product feed and ads, that will have a big impact on where your ads serve in the future.

Watch our video to see three easy ways to rank higher on Google Shopping!

Put Your Google Shopping Campaigns
on the Path to Profit

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