[Video] Intro to Advanced Product Segmentation

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In This Video, We Cover…

The best way to segment your products

How many products you should have in each campaign

How to segment your products according to brand, pricing, and profit margin

How to direct spend to top-selling products using product segmentation

Ready to Segment Your Products?

Product Segmentation: How It Helps You Grow Profit

If you could – would you spend more to advertise your top sellers? Or would you spend the same amount to advertise all of your products? Your product segmentation answers this question for you.

Ideally – you wouldn’t spend the same amount to advertise all of your products, since each product holds a different value for your business! When it comes to your top products, they bring in the most sales, so it makes sense to spend more money advertising these items!

The best segmentation structure lets you direct spend toward your top-performing products in this way. If your products are grouped in one ad group – you’ll spend the same ad dollars for all products.

Instead, we recommend a few different ways to segment your product to have more control over your ad dollars! Now, who doesn’t want that? With more control, you’ll increase the efficiency of your ad spend – by directing spend away from poor-performing products and reallocating those ad dollars to products that make a difference.

Watch this short video and learn the basics—then start applying these changes to your account! Need help segmenting your campaigns? Reach out to speak with an analyst today.

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