[Video] Where Do Google Shopping Ads Appear?

Google Shopping Ads Don't Only Show on Google Shopping

Did you know your Google Shopping ads can show on YouTube, and on Google Search Partner Sites? These are just some of the places potential customers can encounter your products. There’s are actually a lot of different places your ads can show!

When most people thinking of product listing ads, they usually think of the products in the search results on Google Search—or the Google Shopping tab. These are the most common locations, but they aren’t the only ones! Recently, Google has added a lot of new placements for Product Listing Ads—have you kept up with all of them?

In this video, we will explore all of the available placements for Google Shopping ads, and discovered which spots are paid and which are free listings! (Yes, Google Shopping now offers free organic listings.) Watch the video above.

In This Video, We Cover...

All possible placements for shopping ads

Placements where paid ads appear and placements where free organic listings appear

The 4 different types of placements available for PLAs

where do google shopping ads appear button

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