Transparent Digital Marketing Services

From Google Shopping to paid search and display to paid social, we work tirelessly to help our clients meet their goals. Our digital marketing services drive radical increases in profit – and provide the most transparent, accountable reporting on the market.


Google Shopping Management

We partner with retailers from a variety of industries: from high-end jewelry, to pool equipment, to customizable corporate merchandise. We dramatically improve efficiency of our clients’ Google Shopping accounts, by targeting search terms that show the highest intent to purchase. This three-tiered query segmentation strategy is proven to increase profitability and create additional revenue. No matter the business, we work with the client to develop a strategy that suits their needs — and drives profit. 

Looking to expand internationally? We will tackle product feed optimization to ensure your products can smoothly serve in other countries. Trying to manage highly seasonal products? Your dedicated analyst will work with you to uncover the optimal time to push products — and when to cut back. Tell us about your unique Google Shopping needs!


Amazon Services

Are you looking to expand your product offerings to Amazon? Or maybe your business is already on Amazon, but you’re having trouble scaling? Omnitail is here to help.

We’ve streamlined the Amazon Advertising process with in-house tools that can upload thousands of products in just minutes. Our strategy incorporates important costs like commission and shipping at the SKU level, so we can drive maximum spend to the products that drive profit.  Amazon’s short attribution window makes it difficult to track products with a long sales-cycle – but our bidding strategies can account for this and more. Learn more about how we can revolutionize your business on Amazon!


Paid Search and Display

From lead generation, to increasing subscriptions or website visits, to aiding your Google Shopping goals, we want to work with you to build highly-targeted audiences to drive results for your business. Our text ads incorporate terms already on your site, to target both highly-specific terms and more general category phrases.

We also build remarketing audiences tailored specifically to your customers. We segment site visitors along the purchase funnel, so we can drive spend to each audience as they are ready to purchase. This strategy means your ads serve to customers just at the right time – driving additional sales!

Ad extensions, ad placements, and frequency of remarketing ads all add to the complexity of search and display campaigns, but we know how to utilize all of these options to help you succeed!

Let’s discuss your goals with paid search and display.


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Product Feed Management

Product Feed Management is often overlooked. It isn’t flashy — but it’s necessary to build a healthy foundation for your account. That’s why we’ve developed a six-stage process to ensure any errors are eliminated before they become problems. Using our third-party software, we can easily identify and fix problems such as missing images, attributes, and disallowed phrases or characters. Let us show you the huge improvements that small changes to your feed can make for your business today. 


Online Marketing for Enterprise

At Omnitail, we believe in tailoring online marketing strategy to fit each client’s needs — especially for our enterprise customers, who have a different set of business goals than small or mid-sized businesses. Our enterprise suite combines the best of all our offerings: detailed reporting and analytics,  dedicated analyst support, and strategies and in-house tools that can scale to meet enterprise-class business needs. Our enterprise services also include database marketing, local inventory ads, and real-time data incorporation. 


Paid Social Services

Paid social can be a huge benefit for your business — but only if it’s done correctly. While it might seem like the only solution is to pour more money into paid social without understanding how that spend affects your business, we can help you quantify your paid social efforts. Paid social platforms often exaggerate their performance numbers, but we provide you with a more accurate measure of success, so you can make informed decisions about how you advertise on paid social.