Vocab for Marketers: Lookalike Audience

lookalike audience


A lookalike audience is a targeting feature in Meta that allows advertisers to target new customers resembling their existing customer base. It works by analyzing attributes and behaviors to identify other users on the platform with similar characteristics.

How Marketers Use Meta Lookalike Audiences

Marketers utilize Meta lookalike audiences to strengthen their ad targeting strategy, aiming to engage potential new customers who share similarities with their ideal customer profile (ICP). By leveraging this audience strategy, marketers create more opportunities to capture the attention of shoppers who are most likely to be interested in their products and/or services.

To optimize their ad strategy using lookalike audiences, marketers begin by identifying their top-performing or most engaged customers in Meta Ads Manager. They then apply these insights to generate a new lookalike audience that closely resembles their ideal customer profile.

Once created, marketers continuously refine and monitor their lookalike audience targeting based on performance metrics. By staying proactive and adjusting as needed, they optimize ad campaigns for improved results and profitability over time.

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