Vocab for Marketers: CBO

what is CBO?


Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO), now known as Advantage Campaign Budget, is a Meta budget optimization feature advertisers use to manage spend at the campaign level. This method stands out for its use of AI, which automatically allocates spend based on the performance of each ad set within the campaign.

How Marketers Use CBO

Marketers leverage CBO to make the most efficient use of their advertising budgets. Unlike ABO—where advertisers manually allocate spend—CBO streamlines the process by utilizing AI to distribute spend to the top-performing ad set. In this way, CBO simplifies the process and directs ad dollars more effectively than a manual budget optimization method. Marketers also use this budget optimization method to preserve time. Because it delivers the desired results swiftly and efficiently, it makes it a valuable tool for achieving higher profitability with minimal effort.

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